Open Registration:Sat., August 19th                                                                                                                       


Ages 2 & Up

Students interested in solo or duet/trio classes with Amanda or Brittany, please call/text for times. 749-5070

There are 2 charts. The first chart lists classes that begin in Sept.; the second chart begins in Oct.

Both charts will begin enrolling on Sat., Aug. 19. 

All classes enrolling will be in our May show

2Ballet/TapThurs. 5:15Amanda
3-4Ballet/AcroFri. 5:00Amanda
4-5Ballet/TapThurs. 5:45Amanda
6-8Ballet/JazzThurs. 6:15Amanda
7-10Ballet/TapSat. 10:00amPatrice
9-11Contemporary/ JazzThurs. 7:15Amanda
9-12HiphopThurs. 7:00Phillip
13-16JazzTues. 5:30Amanda
13-17HiphopThurs. 7:45Phillip


3-4Ballet/AcroFri. 5:45Amanda
5Ballet/TapSat. 10:30Amanda
5-6Ballet/AcroMon. 6:00Brittany
5-6Ballet/Jazz/TapTues. 6:15Amanda
6-8Tap/HiphopWed. 6:30Brittany
7-11Music TheaterTues. 7:00Amanda
8-11Contemporary/Acro IIMon. 6:45Brittany
8-11Ballet/Tap/JazzSat. 10:45Patrice
12-14ContemporaryMon. 6:00Amanda
14-16BalletWed. 3:30Amanda
14-18HiphopWed. 5:00Brittany

*These classes will close as they fill up. Space is limited! Your paid registration fee holds your place in class.

*Additional classes will open in Oct.